About Chantai.in

Chantai.in is a purpose driven online general store that sells & delivers all general grocery, vegetables & fruits, health and family care, infant care, meat, and fishes Browse more than 1,000 items at costs lower than open market and local stores each day! We sell more than 80% of the products at lesser than MRP rate and deliver at your door.

Who we are

Purpose driven organization started as a self-funded start-up. Software Architects and Engineers from V2W (v2wss.com our sister company – Rural Talents) built chantai.in a highly efficient and easy to use application (Web and Mobile App). 


  • Digitalize Rural Businesses.
  • Serve the local community with locally produced high quality vegetables and fruits. 
  • Improvise local employment.
  • Enable local farmers.

Our Immediate Goal: 

To serve the local community with naturally grown fresh vegetables & fruits produced by us (V2W Agro) and direct purchase from local farmers who join our natural framing process.  

Reach us at contact@v2wagro.com or dial our CEO @ +91 6363678931 to learn more.