1. What is Chantai.in?  
Chantai.in is an online e-commerce website. We serve our community by delivering fresh vegetables, fruits, and grocery items by purchasing from farm owners or produced by ourselves.  
2.What are the delivery locations we are currently doing service?  
Currently, we are serving 20 pin codes, please check while doing the checkout.  
3.What if I have any complaints regarding an order placed in Chantai.in?  
We can connect with our support team at contact@v2wagro.com and +91-9361681647 if you have complaints while placing an order or issues while placing orders.  
4.What are the Business Categories available to shop in Chantai.in?  
Fish & Sea Food  
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 
Snacks and Grocery  
Account and Registration Related
1.How do I create/register an account in Chantai.in?  
You can register by clicking on the “Accounts” at the top right corner of the homepage. By clicking on Create account, please provide the email address or mobile number in the form that appears and register.  
2. Is there any registration fee collected while creating an account?  
No, there is no registration fee collected for creating an account in Chantai.in.  
3. How do I reset/recover my account?  
You can reset/ recover your account by clicking on the “Accounts” at the top right corner of the homepage. Please provide your registered email and mobile number in the form that appears and click on lost ‘my password’. You can get a password reset link in the mail to reset chantai.in account.  
4.How can I change my account information/Email address?  
By clicking on the “Accounts” at the top right corner of the homepage, click on “Account details” under which you can edit the details email address, display name, and password.  
Order and Delivery
1. Can I purchase multiple products in a single order?  
Yes, you can add multiple products in the cart and place the order in a single order.  
2.How do I know the order is confirmed?  
After placing the order, the notification will be received on the registered email with the product details, delivery date, and time when it will be delivered.  
3. Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my orders?  
 No, you can’t change your delivery address once the order is placed.  
4. Can I do full cancellation of my orders?                   
Yes, you can cancel your order before delivery and request for refunds, refund will be calculated as per Cancellation Policy.  
5. Can I do partial cancellation of my orders?   
No, we cannot do partial cancellation.  
6. Can the customer return the items?   
Yes, you can read the return policy Document and return your items but with the below valid reasons   
The Product Was Damaged Upon Arrival.  
Quantity Mismatch  
7. How can I return my orders?  
You can call the Customer Care Number as notified on the website and provide valid reasons and return the items. Please refer Return Policy for additional information. 
8. Can I track my orders?  
 Yes, you can track your order through the information in your order details under My Accounts. 
9.  Do I get invoices for my orders?  
 Yes, you can receive an invoice through email or during the delivery of orders or goods.   
10. Where do I enter my coupon code?  
After the product is added to the cart and by clicking proceed to check out button Billing page appears there on the above billing and delivery information there is an option to enter the coupon code. 
11. How will you use your wallet while placing an order?  
In the billing, page customer should select the payment option as a wallet and then place the order the amount will be deducted from the wallet. 
1. How can we pay for our orders?   
There are 3 options:  
Cash on Delivery  
Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking  
UPI/Chantai Wallet/External wallet  
2. Do we have a delivery charge for the orders?   
Yes, if the total order value is less than Rs.750 delivery charges will be applicable.  
3. When and how I will get a refund in case of cancellation?   
If the product is under cancellation process the request is sent to the seller to stop the delivery process and if payment is done it will reflect in the bank account within 5 to 7 working days. After placing the order if the customer needs to cancel the order they should select the reason for cancellation like long delivery time, change of mind, shipping price low/high, wrong products, others and then we should select where the amount needs to be refunded to a wallet or to razor pay then should click on Submit. For additional information on refunds please refer Razorpay document. 
4. Are there any additional charges or taxes in addition to the prices shown?  
 Tax details will be indicated for individual items.